Today,because of the technological advancements and the rise of user-friendly digital signage software options, delivering an Interactive digital signage experience became more achievable and affordable.There are more and more industries are perfect candidates for the use of interactive digital signage such as Retail,Restaurant,Transport,Education,Healthcare,Hospital,Govenment,Musuem,Church,Trade Shows,Hospitality,etc.

Why more and more companies and people use the new interacitive digital signage instead of the traditonal printing advertising?The surface benefits of digital signage are obvious.Adding a modern content display in your office,shop,hotel,or retail store will improve the look of your location.It will show that your organization cares about keeping up with new digital trends and strives to provide your visitors with the highest level of customer experience.  Furthermore,digital signs do far more than give off a good impression.The benefits of digital signage stretch from improving communication and empowering visitors to increase revenue and saving money.We take below six regular and important industries for example to explain how our interactive digital signage and commerical touch displays & kiosks work for them.
Increasing foot traffic to your business with the help of Hundred Touch signage to highlight your products or shop promotions. From malls, department stores, to specialty shops, our digital sigange and display can suit any of your business needs.
Showcasing your menu and specials with our dynamic displays to influence potential customer’s buying decisions.Fast food store,restaurants,bars and other restaurant are benefiting from interactive digital kiosks.
Giving passengers a better travel experience  that displays departure/arrival schedules and others.Providing informational news or entertainment shows or advertising through our indoor and outdoor digital signage to make wait time bearable in your facility.
Informing guests & Creating a powerful impression!he clear display makes it easy for anyone to see your message and it can be installed in lobbies,dining areas,front desk,and outdoor spaces.
Improving patients' experience and engaging guests with educational health guides, promotional event details.Enhancing staff productivity by sharing important news,training videos and some important achievement.
Spreading important information and emergency alerts among your students in your facility.Showing classroom lectures, schedules,events and urgent notifications to all the audience by our high quality machine.
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