Outdoor Digital Display
Outdoor Digital Signage is rapidly coming to the front recently as the most effective and cost-effective way of digital Advertising.
Outdoor digital signage we do involves exceptionally well creativity and the first-rate dramatic images that can entrance everybody hearts.

Outdoor digital signage is an advertising tool close to our lives.
We can see products such as outdoor LCD digital signage everywhere.
The outdoor digital signage is like a fixed outdoor media, which looks like a large-size LCD TV.
It can effectively play its publicity function, so that the advertising of enterprises and businesses can achieve fruitful results.

This years we(Hundred Touch)develop outdoor digital signage and kiosk to match the market and customer requirement.
We strictly utilize state-of-the-art technology for the ultimate display and Advertising, which leaves a great impression on the targeted audiences.
Our current products are wall-mounting monitor,floor standing outdoor digital signage,half-standing wayfinding totem,outdoor EV charger and so on.

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