Information Query Koisk
An information kiosk is essentially an interactive or non-interactive kiosk that displays information.
An example of an information kiosk would be those available at your local library,providing an active catalog of their inventory.

It can provide real-time information to your customers,visitors and staff with a touch screen and interactive information kiosk.
Digital kiosks improve user engagement and experience,no matter what environment-from a recep​tio​​​​​n kiosk to a wayfinding directory kiosk.

Interactive digital wayfinding-users can use the information kiosk to find key where they need to be and the best route to get there.
Directories-it empower your audience to find exactly what they're looking for at your facility.It is easy to find a store in your shopping centre, or a medical department in your hospital - whatever your industry it makes getting the right information to your audience quick and easy.
Advertising:use the space to promote your own products or services or sell the space to others.
Visitor management-Enhance safety at your facility with visitor management on your information point system.

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