Video Wall
A video wall is a group of video displays mixed together to create a single, large display surface.
It also includes the hardware and software that enable the screens to work together seamlessly.
We can acquires dynamic & static content and we can control when and where content appears on the wall.

The traditional benefits of LCD video wall include the high brightness, good image quality and relatively low cost.
Typical markets for LCD display walls include meeting and crisis rooms, lobbies, and experience centers.
You can also find them in the control rooms of traffic and security centers.

We focus on the LCD video wall 12 more years and we have done 1,500 more projects very well both in China and Abroad.
We use 100% A plus grade original brand panels,support strong softerware and supply great installation and maintainance service.
Different Panel sizes with three different narrow pitches for your optional,three different installation styles can satisfy different environment.
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